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Dubai Safari Park Experiences | Feed Animals & Take a Behind the Scenes Tour

Interact with astonishing animals at one of the many Dubai Safari Park Experiences. Feed pretty birds, serene elephants, and enigmatic rhinos. View docile hippos in their underwater aquarium and catch a glimpse of the world’s fastest mammal from the Cheetah Viewing Gallery. Read on to know more about the activities you can indulge in during your visit.

What Are Dubai Safari Park Experiences?

duck dubai safari park

The Dubai Safari Park Experiences get you closer to animals like never before. Assured to leave a lasting impression on your soul; these interactive experiences promote animal welfare and shed light on the dangers of humankind to these magnificent creatures. Your kids will love these informative, fun, and exciting experiences.

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How to Enjoy the Dubai Safari Park Experiences?
You can simply upgrade your Dubai Safari Park tickets based on the availability of the experiences at the park.

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Must-Try Experiences at Dubai Safari Park

A visit to Dubai Safari Park would be incomplete without indulging in any of these must-try experiences at the park.

safari journey dubai safari park

Safari Journey

Experience true wilderness at UAE’s only drive-through safari exhibit at Explorer Village. Watch animals relaxing, feeding, playing and interacting with each other. Catch majestic lions, intrepid giraffes, lurking crocodiles, and grazing buffaloes in this 45-minute bus safari. Learn interesting facts and spot rare animals with the help of experienced Dubai Safari Park guides and click some great pictures while you are at it! 

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elephant care dubai safari park

Behind the Scenes

Are your kids deeply passionate about animals? Bring them closer to nature with the Behind The Scenes Tour. Working closely with the park’s Animal Care team, your little ones will have exclusive access to behind-the-scenes staff areas, experience daily duties of the animal care team and also lend a hand in feeding crocodiles, elephants, and giraffes. Discover the special habitats in open-air marshal vehicles and interact with the caretakers on their routines.

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bird show dubai safari park

Live Shows

With over 3,000 plants and animals in a tropical rainforest-themed attraction, the Dubai Safari Park Live Shows are definitely worth your visit. Designed to give you a unique learning experience, you can pick up interesting facts, captivating stories, and observe the various primal habits of birds and animals in these shows. Learn about magical beasts at the Amazing Creatures of the World show. Observe the cunning intellect of predatory birds at the Birds of Prey show and take in a vivid display of colors at the Birds Show. 

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Feeding Experiences at Dubai Safari Park

rhino dubai safari park

Rhino Feeding

Part of Tour: Behind the Scenes

Feed delightful White Rhinos as part of the Behind The Scenes Tour. Grimly close to extinction, this gentle giant has an adorable personality. 

goat feeding dubai safari park

Goat Feeding

Location: Kids Farm
Timings: 11:30 PM and 4:15 PM every day

Hand-feed one of the most popular farm animals across the world. 

parrot feeding dubai safari park

Bird Feeding

Location: Kids Farm Aviary 
Timings: 12 PM and 3:45 PM every day

Hosted every day in the aviary at Kids Farm, feed fistfuls of seed to tiny parrots and large toucans.

elephant feeding dubai safari park

Elephant Feeding

Location: African Village (part of the Behind the Scenes Tour)

Experience a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to feed one of the largest mammals on land. Go behind the scenes and learn the challenges in caring for these pleasant jumbos.

Other Experiences at Dubai Safari Park

cheetah dubai safari park

Cheetah Viewing Gallery

Location: Explorer Village

Watch the fastest land animal in action from the Cheetah Viewing Gallery at the Explorer Village. 

giraffe in dubai safari park

Giraffe Platform

Location: Explorer Village

Experience a chance to check out the world’s tallest mammals and also feed these towering animals from the Giraffe Platform at the Explorer Village. 

hippos at dubai safari park

Hippo Aquarium

Location: Explorer Village

View peaceful hippos in their underwater aquarium at the Explorer Village.

gorilla dubai safari park

Gorilla House

Location: African Village

Get up close and personal with the interesting residents of Africa in the Gorilla House at the African Village.

chimpanzee dubai safari park

Chimpanzee House

Location: African Village

Interact with curious chimps in the Chimpanzee House at the African Village.

burmese python dubai safari park

Reptile House

Location: African Village

Visit the Reptile House at the African Village to marvel at over 50 slithering species ranging from a gigantic Burmese Python to a timid Leopard Tortoise.

cassowary dubai safari park

The Grand Aviary

Location: African Village 

View hundreds of birds from all over the world at UAE’s biggest aviary in the African Village. 

pelicans dubai safari park

Pelican Feeding

Location: Al Wadi Farm

Sign up for an exciting pelican feeding session at the quaint Al Wadi farm.

wall climbing dubai safari park

Adventure Valley

Location: Al Wadi Farm 

If all this excitement wasn't enough, head over to the Adventure Valley at the Al Wadi farm to climb a wall, zip line, or even mess around on a playground.

Frequently Asked Questions About Dubai Safari Park Experiences

What are the different experiences at Dubai Safari Park?

Dubai Safari Park has many live shows and interactive experiences that allow you to relax along with connecting with the animals.

How can I enjoy the Dubai Safari Park Experiences?

You can upgrade your Dubai Safari Park tickets for the experiences you may like based on their availability. Book your Dubai Safari Park tickets

What are the different types of experiences at Dubai Safari Park?

You can either feed the animals, or take a behind the scenes tour to see how the park staff cares for the animals, or even view some majestic beasts living in their habitats. Dubai Safari Park offers a plethora of experiences for everyone to enjoy.

Are there any interactive experiences at Dubai Safari Park?

Yes, Dubai Safari Park also allows you to connect with the animals through interactive experiences. You can feed the animals and even care for them along with the park staff.

Are there any experiences for children at Dubai Safari Park?

Most experiences at Dubai Safari Park are catered towards education and spreading awareness to children and adults alike on the animals of the wild. There are also some feeding experiences available for children to enjoy at Dubai Safari Park.

Where can I book by Dubai Safari Park tickets?

You can easily book your Dubai Safari Park tickets online. This way, you can ensure your entry into the park even on busy days.